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Cherry Hill Volvo is an authorized point of delivery for your overseas purchase.

Your new VOLVO can be ordered from CHERRY HILL VOLVO and picked up at one of many points in Europe. 


About Overseas Delivery

How does Overseas Delivery work? It's this simple:

You can have your new Volvo delivered to any one of 13 European destinations, drive it during your stay there, and then have it delivered to Cherry Hill Volvo in the U.S. after you return.

Step #1

Order the Volvo of your choice from Cherry Hill Volvo.

Step #2

Pick up your new Volvo at the Gothenburg Factory Delivery Center or at any official delivery location. Volvo will register your new car for your stay in Europe and walk you through the process of getting European insurance, as well as provide you with the protection of the Volvo On Call Service.

Step #3

Test your Volvo out on the roads of Sweden, either with one of our spectacular tours or on your own. Then head anywhere you please in Europe.

Step #4

Drop off your Volvo in Gothenburg or any official drop-off location. Volvo will ship it to CHERRY HILL VOLVO for you and take care of all the importing details, from excise taxes to import duties.