C40 Recharge

The newest addition to our pure electric line up. Reserve yours today.

Leather free
Built in

* This vehicle has not yet been EPA rated. EPA-based range estimates for this vehicle are pending. Range estimates are based on preliminary estimates derived
from the European Union's Worldwide Harmonised Light Vehicle Test Procedure (WLTP). Real-world driving range will vary. Range information will be updated after
EPA estimates for this vehicle are available.

Make impressions count.

Streamlined silhouette and contrast roof
create a standout profile.

Vertical design LED rear lights enhance
the sleek roof line.

Back-lit ambience adds a contemporary
vibe in the cabin.

Seamlessly connecting you and your electric drive.

The future is now

The C40 Recharge is an expression of our desire to change perceptions - and hopefully a catalyst for more sustainable choices in personal mobility.

Feel the change

In the city or on the open highway, one-pedal drive allows for comfortable control while responsive, smooth acceleration lets the C40 Recharge deliver an exhilarating experience.

Google built in

Google Assistant, Google Maps, and Google Play are seamlessly integrated for a uniquely helpful and connected driving experience. Just say "Hey Google" to get started.

Crafted with respect

The C40 Recharge is the first Volvo with a 100 percent leather-free interior, including steering wheel, gear shifter and upholstery. We believe this represents a new, more respectful interpretation of luxury and how materials can be used in car design.

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Our first pure electric car

Discover the popular Volvo XC40 Recharge, our first pure electric compact SUV - designed for the city, and the rest of the world.

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What do you want to know about the C40 Recharge?

What are the different ownership options available?

The C40 Recharge will be available for purchase, lease and subscription.

Is the C40 Recharge only available as a fully electric vehicle?


Is the C40 Recharge really completely leather-free?

Yes, the car interior contains no leather whatsoever.

What Google services are built into the C40 Recharge?

The full electric C40 Recharge has Google Maps, Google Assistant and Google Play built in.

How long can I drive before I need to recharge the battery on the full electric C40 Recharge?

A fully charged battery gives you a projected range in excess of 200 miles* * in mixed driving before you need to recharge. But your real-world range is also affected by your driving style and other circumstances, such as outdoor temperature, weather, wind, topography and road condition. Other factors that impact range include how much electricity you use for car functions such as heating and cooling of the car, utilization of the one pedal drive feature.
**Range is a calculated EPA preliminary rating based on the preliminary WLTP rating of 200+ mi Range is calculated according to the realistic WLTP and EPA driving cycles under controlled conditions for a new vehicle. Real-world range may vary. Figures are based on preliminary target. Final vehicle certification pending.

How does the full electric C40 Recharge help me find the nearest charging station?

With Google Maps built in, you can get useful information for your electric vehicle. You can find your car's battery level on arrival, get important battery alerts, and find compatible charging stations directly from your car's center display or via a smartphone app.

Can I use the full electric C40 Recharge for long distance driving?

The C40 Recharge is perfectly suited for comfortable long-distance driving. And the battery's projected range in excess of 200 miles**helps you do so without worrying about range. If you need to charge during the journey, you can do so at an AC charging station or DC fast-charging station. At a 150 kW DC fast charging station, it's possible to charge the battery from zero to 80 per cent in approximately 40 minutes (or around 80-100 km range in 10 minutes) - just enough time to rest or have a meal during the trip.
** calculated EPA Range based on the preliminary WLTP range of 420 km calculated according to the realistic WLTP and EPA driving cycles under controlled conditions for a new vehicle. Real-world range may vary. Figures are based on preliminary target. Final vehicle certification pending.

What is the fastest way to charge my full electric C40 Recharge on long journeys?

You will find the fastest charging at a DC fast-charging station along the route. To charge as fast as possible, we recommend limiting the car's charging level to 80 per cent. This helps keep your charging times short because the last 20 per cent of charging takes the longest time. So, charging the battery from zero to 80 per cent with a 150kW DC fast charger takes only around 40 minutes. But if needed to reach your destination or the next charging station, you can choose to charge the battery up to 100 per cent using the settings in the car's center display.

What charging times can I expect when recharging at home?

The charging time depends on the charging equipment you use and the electric installation at your home. For regular charging at home,. We recommend a Level 2 home charger with 50 amps of power from a dedicated single phase 240-volt circuit with a two-pole circuit breaker rated at minimum of 70 amps (or 60 amp circuit with max load of 48 amps) This installation can give you approximately 8 hours charging time (from empty to 100 per cent), or around 25 miles of range per hour. When charging at stations outside your home, the most probable situations are that you will top the battery during shorter periods of time, for example from 40 per cent to 80 per cent (11 kW AC gives around 25 miles of range per hour). And on longer trips, you may charge the car using fast-charging DC stations. At a 150 kW DC charging station, you can charge the battery from zero to around 80 per cent in approximately 40 minutes (or around 50-60 miles of range in 10 minutes). Just enough time to take a rest and have a meal. The standard home charging cable with two household connectors is a dual mode level 2 charging cable approximately 14 feet in length (4.5 meters) capable of 240-volt and 40-amps of charging. The charging of the car is monitored by two-way communication between the car and the control box. When the cable is connected to the car, self-test diagnostics are performed to ensure that the cable is properly connected and that the car is ready to receive power before charging starts. The control box is integrated in the charging cable and plugged into an ordinary power socket. The cable is supplied with an adapter to enable Level 1 and Level 2 charging. Level 1 charging adaptor fits the common 120-volt 3 prong wall outlet (NEMA 5-15R) with 12 amps of current. These outlets do not carry sufficient current to deliver appropriate levels of rate of charge and are intended to "top off" the charge when travelling visiting friends or relatives. Charging an empty battery to 100 per cent with this cable takes in excess of 50-72 hours, at a charge rate of about 1.4 kW or 5 miles of range per hour.

Please note: Charging times will vary and are dependent on factors such as electrical capacity of location, outdoor temperature, current battery temperature, charging equipment, battery condition and car condition.

What equipment do I need to charge my full electric C40 Recharge easily and safely at home?

The standard home charging cable with two household connectors is a dual mode level 2 charging cable approximately 14 feet in length (4.5 meters) capable of 240-volt and 40-amps of charging. When connected to a properly installed 50 amp NEMA 14-50 plug wired to an electrical panel that supports a 240-volt dedicated circuit with non-GFCI two-pole circuit breakers.

For considerably faster and more convenient charging at home, we recommend installing a 240-volt single -phase 11 kW home charger

How much does it cost to charge the battery of the full electric C40 Recharge?

The cost for electricity varies depending on local conditions, but the cost can be lower compared to petrol. The lowered fuel cost is also one of several reasons to switch to an electric car. And for even lower costs, you will be able to set your full electric C40 Recharge to charge during off-peak times when the electricity costs are the lowest, often at night.

What warranty does Volvo Cars have on the battery?

The Volvo Cars Warranty for the battery is 8 years or 100,000 miles (160,000km), whichever occurs first, provided that the car and battery are maintained and used in accordance with our recommendations.

Can the battery be replaced?

If the battery or a battery module needs to be replaced, this can be done just like any other technical part of the car.

How does the battery impact safety in a collision?

The battery means there is 1100 lbs (500kg) of extra weight that needs to be addressed in an impact - for the car's occupants as well as for other vehicles. The battery also needs separate protection to avoid harmful leakage after a collision. By utilizing a range of innovative safety solutions, our safety engineers have designed the C40 Recharge to meet all these challenges.

How much maintenance and service does the full electric C40 Recharge need?

The electric motors are sealed for life and maintenance-free. So, compared to a combustion engine-propelled car, the full electric C40 Recharge needs much less maintenance which may result in lower running costs.

How does the Pixel light technology work and what is it intended to do?

This new headlight technology has 84 Pixel LEDs in each headlight and can help you avoid dazzling other drivers while lighting up the road ahead efficiently. When unlocking the car, these headlights will also perform a welcoming light sequence together with the LED rear lights.

What is the load capacity of the full electric C40 Recharge?

Smart battery design means all occupants have as much space as in an ordinary car. This also gives uncompromised versatility and smart storage solutions. The rear load compartment capacity is 14.5 cubic ft (413 litres) including the compartment under the load floor. The battery encroaches on the space below the load floor, but this is to a large extent compensated by the front load compartment under the hood, which offers space for charging cables and other items you don't need so often but still want to have easily accessible if the load compartment is full.

How much can I tow with the full electric C40 Recharge?

We believe you should be able to drive pure electric without compromising on everyday versatility. That's why the C40 Recharge can tow up to 1,500 kg/2,000 lb.

Is the lifecycle carbon footprint of the full electric C40 Recharge less than the equivalent internal combustion engine vehicle?

Over the average lifetime of a vehicle, the carbon footprint of a fully electric vehicle (BEV) is less than a traditional internal combustion engine vehicle (ICE). However, the distance needed to be driven for a BEV to become less carbon intensive than an ICE vehicle is largely dependent on how the electricity that power the vehicle is generated. If you charge your BEV with renewable electricity, you will need to drive less for that point to be reached, compared with if you use electricity generated from fossil fuels. Where possible, we encourage you to power your electric vehicle with electricity from renewable sources.

We are committed to full transparency when it comes to the full carbon impact of our electric vehicles and a lifecycle analysis (LCA) of the C40 Recharge will be available later in 2021.

How can I be sure the car's battery has been produced in an environmentally and socially responsible way?

We are committed to full traceability and transparency of our battery supply chain, helping to ensure that our customers can drive electrified Volvos knowing the material for the batteries has been sourced responsibly. We were the first automotive manufacturer to introduce blockchain technology across our entire cobalt supply chain. Blockchain, in conjunction with inspection on mine sites, GPS tracking, entry and exit scanning, verified logistics providers, facial recognition, ID checks, and time tracking, all significantly boost the traceability of cobalt from the mine to the car factory.

We are committed to the responsible sourcing of minerals and metals and fully support the OECD Guidance for Responsible Supply Chains of Minerals from Conflict-affected and High-risk Areas. We require our battery suppliers to fully support this commitment. Sustainability performance is a key consideration when assessing and selecting our suppliers. We monitor the performance of existing suppliers and follow up with third party audits. We also put requirements on our battery suppliers to minimize carbon emissions during production processes, including through the use of renewable energy. All our suppliers have to agree to the Volvo Cars' Code of Conduct for Business Partners, which includes the observation of human rights, including labor rights.

Features depicted may not be standard. European specification vehicle shown.
Google, Google Play and Google Maps are trademarks of Google LLC.

The New Volvo C40 is the Advanced Electric Crossover SUV: Find Yours Today with Our Help

Volvo is undoubtedly laying the groundwork for developing innovative electric cars with the arrival of the new Volvo C40. If you love the look of the latest Volvo cars, and want a more efficient and modern crossover SUV, you will certainly want to check out this all-new Volvo C40! This crossover SUV can bring you a ton of interior luxury, refinement, and comfort that is going to make your every drive going forward a more enjoyable time.

If you'd like to become the proud owner comfortable, modern, and advanced electric-SUV, come over to Cherry Hill Volvo Cars in Cherry Hill, NJ and take a look at a new Volvo C40! Come check out what this SUV can offer and enjoy any and every road going forward.

Stand Out Design for Any Adventure

When you first lay your eyes on the new Volvo C40, you are going to be blown away its unique styling and numerous modern touches that can help it to become one of the best options in its class. The available gloss black mirror covers, gloss black window trim, tinted rear windows, and unique selection of wheel designs all help this SUV to be the choice for you!

In addition to the great design touches that help it to be a bit more unique, the new Volvo C40 is designed to impress. The sleek body design is accentuated by the sloping roofline and direct body-lines that will make it one of the best choices for any driver throughout the Collingswood and Camden area. Come check it out for yourself and see exactly what makes the new Volvo C40 the stylish option for any driver.

Efficient Performance for the Pennsauken Township Roads Ahead

Powering the new Volvo C40 today is a 78-kWh battery paired with twin electric motors on the front and rear axles allowing you to enjoy 402 horsepower and 487 lb.-ft. of torque, which is more than enough power and performance for most drives! Furthermore, with this powertrain you are also going to love that when fully charged, you can drive 225 miles without having to stop.

Charging your SUV is oftentimes a big concern for shoppers, but with this SUV charging doesn't need to be a stressful time. If you are able to install a Volvo charger at home, the Wallbox, you can plug in your Volvo C40 overnight and in around eight hours have a full charge. But, if you are using a 150 kW DC Rapid Charge in public, it can give you nearly 100% charge in just about 40 minutes! In either event, you should feel confident that you will have no problem getting any drive completed in the Haddonfield area!

Feel at Home with Plenty of Modern Technologies

The new Volvo C40 is no slouch when it comes to offering you modern features and technologies that are prepared to make your drives ahead a more enjoyable time. We are ready to offer drivers such as yourself the best possible chance to enjoy top-notch features and technologies, all but ensuring you can go anywhere or do anything with much more confidence. What really makes the new Volvo C40 so unique is its ability to offer drivers incredible Google Integration which offers you Google Assistant, Google Maps, and Google Play as standard equipment. You can even control much of the system with your voice by simply saying "Hey Google"!

In addition to the inclusion of Google services, the new Volvo C40 also offers you a plethora of other technologies that can make every ride a better time. First of all, the dual-zone climate controls allow you and your passenger to be much more comfortable during any weather. Add in the heated front and rear seating, and the heated steering wheel to ensure you are able to enjoy any and every ride with much more comfort. Furthermore, this interior is ready to also stand out from the crowd thanks to the Harman Kardon Premium Sound System which will bring new life to your favorite music!

Top-Notch Safety Technologies for All Drivers

As with all Volvo models, the new Volvo C40 is loaded with the safety features and technologies that you have been dreaming of. For years this is where Volvo has excelled, and the new Volvo C40 is ready to give you an added peace of mind with plenty of modern features and technology such as Blind-Spot Monitoring, Lane Keep Assist, Oncoming Lane Mitigation, Adaptive Cruise Control, a 360-degree camera system, and parking assistance on the front and rear!

With this selection of features, more drivers like yourself can really enjoy any drive in the Cherry Hill area!

Come over to Cherry Hill Volvo Cars today to get the best chance possible to find a new Volvo C40! We are ready to make your shopping experience a great time and will be prepared to guide you through the whole process. See you soon!