Looking for a luxury vehicle? You've likely considered top contenders in the segment, including Volvo and BMW. Making a final decision on the right model for you can certainly be challenging. Still, the team here at Cherry Hill Volvo Cars is here to help you meet your ideal new vehicle from the luxury of the Volvo lineup.

Lineup Choices

If you choose the Volvo lineup, you'll find an easy selection of sedans, luxury wagons, and SUVs to pick from, which can be much less intimidating than the complicated BMW selection. The BMW lineup also doesn't offer any wagon choices, one of the top segments for growing families craving flexibility in the Mount Laurel area.

You'll also find more electrified options in the Volvo lineup than BMW offers, which is something that many of our local shoppers hold dear. The Volvo lineup offers seven electrified models, two of which are 100-percent electric, and five plug-in hybrids. The BMW lineup consists of mainly plug-in hybrid choices, with just one all-electric coupe.

Safety Innovations

Safety and driver's assistance integration are among the key factors of shopping for a new vehicle. Both brands feature a suite of safety innovations, but it's notable to mention that the Volvo lineup includes many of these amenities as standard features. You'll find collision mitigation, run-off road mitigation, blind spot warnings, rear cross-traffic alerts, and more, all standard perks. With BMW, drivers will need to make pricey upgrades to top trim levels or M-Series models to achieve the full breadth of safety features. They offer standard impact sensors, hazard preview, and side-impact airbags, but nothing more is standard in drivers' aides.

Design Amenities

Of course, design is often up to personal taste, but you will get two very different cabin atmospheres when it comes down to comparing the Volvo and the BMW lineup. Volvo vehicles are known for their interior simplicity and luxury in the small details. Volvo offers features like quilted seating, light-colored interiors, and unique amenities that you won't find in other luxury lineups. Volvo cars are usually met with sweeping body lines and cohesive interiors that are smooth, supple, and easily adjustable to family life.

The BMW lineup is known for its sportiness and handsome interiors that are attractive, but may not be to everyone's taste. Dark leathers, carbon fiber shaping, and a continuous touchscreen display offer connectivity possibilities - but more screen time on the road. You'll also find that the M-Series lineup provides incongruous dashes of red and blue, contrasting with the sleek, minimalist design of Volvo vehicles.

Summing it Up and Picking Your Model

Those shoppers who are looking for a sleek, family-centric, yet endlessly luxurious model will find what they're looking for in the Volvo lineup. You'll be greeted with top-tier safety amenities, unique but minimalistic design inside and out, as well as a lineup that's not overwhelming you with choices and is intuitive in its layout. The BMW lineup is luxurious and sporty, but not for everyone. Most BMW vehicles are not geared towards family life, while Volvo seamlessly blends luxury with child-friendly finishes and details.

Get inside a new Volvo at Cherry Hill Volvo Cars today. We can't wait for you to explore our dynamic new Volvo selection near Philadelphia.

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