In Sweden, Volvo Drives You

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It's the evening. Rush hour. You're cruising down through the crowded Philadelphia streets in your Volvo. Suddenly, a car cuts in front of you, but smooth braking and a soft nudge into the other lane mean you easily avoid an accident.

Feeling the movement from the driver's seat, your eyes flick up from the book you're reading briefly, then drop back to the text. Unblinking, your Volvo drives on toward home.

Science fiction? No, this is the future – and it's not that far off.

Volvo's Drive Me project, launching next year, plans to put 100 self-driven Volvos on the streets of Gothenberg, Sweden, by 2017. A joint initiative between Volvo, the City of Gothenberg and two Swedish government agencies, Drive Me will highlight the safety and efficiency of self-driving vehicles while helping Volvo and the Swedish government iron out infrastructure needs and the tiny details of split-second interactions between self-driving cars and those with humans behind the wheel.

Google's already made headlines with its driverless cars out in California, proving that automatically driven cars can integrate smoothly with normal traffic, but Volvo is coming at this from a whole different perspective. This is a car manufacturer already renowned for its safety integrating autonomous driving with its own systems rather than retrofitting third-party technology into existing vehicles. It's native self-driving.

Volvo's self-driving test cars will navigate 30 miles worth of road in Gothenburg, and they're not hiding them in low-traffic areas; they'll drive through typical commuter arteries in Sweden's second-largest city. They'll deal with the unpredictable antics of bikers and pedestrians and human drivers – as dangerous in Gothenberg as they are in Philadelphia – and considering the experimental success that self-driving cars have experienced to this point, all signs seem to indicate that they'll do it with a much better safety record than humans. Already present in Volvos on the road today, highly advanced detection systems that are always on mean that no hazard on the road will go unseen by an inattentive driver. Your car is always paying attention.

And of course the cars park themselves. Come on. That's the easy part. Not only that – they'll drop you off at your destination, then go park themselves. It's like having an electronic chauffeur.

Once the Drive Me project is over, don't be surprised to see self-driving Volvos come to your local Volvo dealership. In the meantime, you can see the current line of top-safety-rated Volvos just a few minutes over the Ben Franklin Bridge from Philadelphia at Cherry Hill Volvo. There are Volvos for everyone – whether you want functionality, comfort, safety, excitement or all of the above – at great prices at Cherry Hill Volvo, where relationships matter.
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